Accord World Music
Accord World Music
Accord World Music Agency is one of the most renowned managing and booking agencies of the Hungarian folk and world music that represents:
Ágnes Herczku
Nikola Parov
Primás Parade
Éva Korpás Band
Péter Kiss
They are all masters and excellent performers of the Hungarian and Eastern European music traditions, their unique tunes stem from these roots. 
The musicians represented by the Agency have been selected into the Top of the World selection of the Songlines Magazine and/or the World Music Charts Europe Top 20 list. They are the finest Hungarian musicians; their performances rightly attract appreciative attention all over the world.
During the last two decades, working on such events as Vidor Fesztivál of Nyíregyháza – being the largest free world music festival in Hungary.
In addition to coordinating the performances of the artists represented by our agency, we also accept assignments to organize concerts for foreign world music performers in Hungary.
Through our partner GibAudio Ltd., we can also take it upon ourselves (if desired) to provide the most advanced sound services for any musical event to secure the success of the concert.