Women Everywhere
6–9 March 2014

A sereies of events introducing women artists and women's destiny
20 cities, 81 Institutes and more than 160 events
Among others:
63 plays
31 programmes in museums and art institutions
28 movies
16 concerts
10 podium seminars
9 literary lectures
2 thematic journals
Fotó: Nagyházi Csaba
In 2014 this series of events were organised for the second time with great success in 20 cities with the participation of 81 institutes and organisations where more than 160 performances were seen by over 20,000 people. We increased not only the number of institutions taking part but also the number of cities and programmes by 50% over last year's which led us to welcome a double number of audience.
We organised the 'Women Everywhere' series of events for the first time between 8–10 March 2013, during which women artists, their destiny and problems were put in the centre of the artworks shown. In 2013 respected institutes of the Hungarian cultural life joined the event in 12 cities at 65 sites with more than 110 performances visited by 10,000 people.
The event was inspired by the thought that women nowadays do not get the attention and respect from the society they deserve. These times everything has an international day for celebration and there are so many that the calendar has not enough days for all. And then all these international days just sink into oblivion. And that is no different with the International Women's Day as well, no matter that it has a tradition decades long, today hardly anybody cares about it.

The purpose of 'Women Everywhere' is to reload International Women's Day with meaning. So we should not only celebrate women for a short minute when presenting a few stems of snowdrops but celebrate them with our attention honouring their talent, knowledge, beauty, sensitiveness and commitment. Let them really be in the centre for at least for a couple of days!
Make women stand on the stages of concert halls, let us follow their lives from the stages of theatres, see their artworks in the galleries, screen movies showing their stories, let them tell about themselves in literary lectures: let them tell us about their problems in seminars and scientific conferences – let everything be about women in these couple of days!
According to our hopes, in 2014 everyone was able to find an event that interested them the most in this colourful range of programmes, that they could meditate on or find pleasure in, so the next day they looked at women differently: with more understanding, more respect and a lot more consideration.
We await for those interested in the next 'Women Everywhere' programme, hopefully with even more events and performances at more sites, between 6–8 March 2015.
Women Everywhere